Living in Red Deer County

Red Deer County Profile

With a population of 19,541, Red Deer County covers an area of 4,042 square kilometres (1,575 square miles, 1,007,968 acres/407,925 hectares). Within the north central boundary of Red Deer County is the City of Red Deer with a population of over 88,000 people. The overall population of Red Deer County is greater than 120,000 including the City of Red Deer and the County’s towns and villages.

In 2009, 94% of residents in the Red Deer Region reported being pleased with their quality of life, according to national pollster, Ipsos Reid.

A Thriving Economy

Red Deer County is in the heart of Alberta’s thriving Edmonton / Calgary corridor via the QEII Highway. We boast some of the lowest unemployment figures in the nation, as well as some of the highest household incomes in North America. Major employers include the oil and gas sector, agriculture as well as public sector employment.

The region has:

  • An active labour force over 100,000
  • A 70.3% labour participation rate
  • An unemployment rate consistently under 6%
  • A tax rate in Red Deer County that is one of the most favourable in Canada