Frequently Asked Questions

I was quoted a fiber optic installation cost that I feel is exuberant

High level estimate quotes are calculated using the distance of the premise from the nearest connection point. Depending on the distance, it may be cost prohibitive to provide fiber connectivity to the premise. If you find yourself in this situation, fear not, the Red Deer County network may still improve your internet with its fiber fed towers.

How will I know whether my property is within range of the nearest fiber fed tower?

There are currently 3 active fiber fed towers located in Red Deer County:

3 Towers April 2022

If you are able to see the light from one of the Valo Networks fiber fed towers clearly from your property and there are no obstacles (structures, trees, etc.) in the path to that tower, you would be eligible for a site survey to determine signal viability.

When will services be available in my area?

A list of planned Fiber Zones can be found at here. If you are located in one of the listed Fiber Zones, every effort will be made to provide connectivity by the end of 2022.

Please also feel free to reach out to your local Retail Service Provider, Tether ( and they will be happy to provide additional information.

What if I am not in one of the Fiber Zones or within range of the nearest fiber fed tower?

If you are not currently in one of the planned Fiber Zones or within range of an existing tower, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an opportunity to connect to the Internet Network in the future!

With the support of our Council, we continue to work with our partners on connectivity plans to achieve the objective of connecting as many properties as possible to the Red Deer County Fiber Optic Internet Network.

The Red Deer County Fiber Optic Internet Network is being completed in a phased approach and planning for future phases are constant, with consideration of connecting as many constituents as possible, in each phase.

There was damage to my driveway/ditch when the fiber line was installed. When will it be remediated?

All areas/properties impacted by construction activities in 2021 will be remediated. Remediation schedule is dictated by spring thaw and drying cycle. Currently anticipated to begin around the end of May, conditions must allow for screened loam to be in production and the ability for equipment to traverse in and out of excavated areas without sinking or slipping causing additional work.

Ongoing remediation will be completed, as construction activity progresses.

Should the damage pose a hazard or safety risk, please email with details. If possible, please also provide photographs of the damage.

For all other questions or concerns, please contact Tara Logan, Business Development Officer, at 403-357-2398 or