Fiber Optics coming to a community near you!

Fiber lines and Towers April 2022

With the approval of several Communication Towers, Fiber Optic lines, and Points of Presence (PoP), Red Deer County is pleased that construction of the fiber optic high speed internet project, is well underway. In fact, the Spruce View Tower and IX line from Junction 42 to the Hamlet of Spruce View were completed in 2021. Over 180 kilometres of fiber conduit have been installed throughout the County! Junction 42 is now home to the Backbone PoP which is an integral piece of the County’s Fiber Optic Network and Fiber fed Wifi.

Several Red Deer County Communities are identified for service this year, and some are in the planning stages. See our Fiber Zones below

McKenzie Clearview
McKenzie Oakwood
Spuce View