Utility Options

Internet & Cellular Options

According to Alberta Finance and Enterprise, Alberta is one of Canada’s most connected provinces with 69% of Alberta households accessing the Internet and 80% of homes and businesses in Alberta wired for electronic communication. There are several different providers of local high speed internet.

Safe, Reliable Water

Red Deer County has a utility management agreement with EPCOR to operate and maintain the water, wastewater and storm systems in several county hamlets. The County prepares billing for multi-lot subdivision sewer and water as well as waste collection. The installation of individual on-site services (wells and septic systems) or any other biological waste treatment disposal system is the landowner’s or developer’s responsibility in accordance with provincial regulations. Learn more about utilities in the County.

Affordable Heating for Homes

The majority of homes in Alberta are heated by burning natural gas. This is done through a free market system with a number of choices including local gas co-ops. Learn more about heating.

Consistent, Efficient Supply of Power

Red Deer County is part of a greater provincial power grid. Electricity in Red Deer County is very reliable, and is also provided through a free market system with numerous suppliers. Learn more about power in the County.

Solid Waste Transfer Facilities

Learn more about garbage and recycling in Red Deer County.