Historically, the County's central location and rich agricultural land contributed to its early growth and development. Almost 120 years ago, the first agricultural settlement grew up in what is now Red Deer County.


In 1882, a number of former freighters, land surveyors and other pioneers took up claims near the ford where the old Calgary-Edmonton Trail crossed the Red Deer River. By the turn of the century, the lure of the fertile soils and the outstanding farming and ranching potential of the district overcame the obstacles to settlement. The farming community remained prosperous in the post-war years.

Oil & Gas Discovery

Starting in the late 1940s, Central Alberta was transformed with the discovery of large oil and gas deposits in the area. New industrial activity followed. The urban communities in the area experienced remarkable growth, which was accompanied by substantial increases in the number of acreages and rural subdivisions. 

School Division

In 1963 the M.D. of Red Deer was amalgamated with the Red Deer School Division Number 55 to create the County of Red Deer Number 23. In 1999, the area became known as Red Deer County.


Urban expansion, industrial development, new retail sites and a proliferation of acreages and new rural subdivision continues within Red Deer County. In this new millennium, the region is once again entering a powerful boom with all the benefits of new prosperity and the challenges of managing new growth and change.