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Red Deer County has several business parks for many types of development. In close proximity to the City of Red Deer and with access to the Highway 2 Corridor, Red Deer County’s business / industrial parks offer location, convenience and access to your markets.


The area, situated between Alberta’s two largest cities of Calgary and Edmonton, is the only region on the Canadian prairies with access to more than two million people within a 90 minute drive and an immediate trade area of over 200,000 people.

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Interactive Business Park Map

Interactive Map - Business Parks

Serviced Sites

Clearview Industrial Park

The Clearview Industrial Park is a fully serviced light industrial park located south of the Delburne Road on 40th Avenue. Roads to and from the park are paved and free of road bans with highway access off of Mackenzie Road in Gasoline Alley. Access to the QE II (Highway #2) is available from both Mackenzie Road and Delburne Road.

Energy Business Park

The Energy Business Park is located on east side of QE II (Highway #2) south of The City of Red Deer. This area has fully serviced lots and is zoned general commercial and light industrial.


Gasoline Alley Business Park

A fully serviced business park, Gasoline Alley is located on the east and west side of the QE II (Highway #2), north of Mackenzie Road. This site is south of The City of Red Deer and easily accessible from the QE II Highway. The Gasoline Alley Business Park is zoned highway commercial, light industrial business and light industrial. Lot sizes range from 1 to 15 acres.

McKenzie Industrial Business Park

The McKenzie Industrial Business Park is located approximately 1.5 miles south of the city of Red Deer, this 70-acre Melcor development features year-round truck access via McKenzie Road to the south and 40th Avenue (RR 273) to the west. The first phase of the project will include four commercial, seven light industrial and five medium industrial lots, ranging in size from 1.6 to 9.77 acres. Phase 1 sales are expected to begin this summer, and preparation work for Phase 2 has begun.

Petrolia Industrial Park

The Petrolia Industrial Park is located on east side of QE II (Highway #2) south of The City of Red Deer boundary. This area has fully serviced lots and is zoned general commercial and light industrial.

Red Deer Regional Airport

Red Deer Regional Airport business park is located 8 km south of The City of Red Deer and 1 km west of Highway 2A. Lots are fully serviced and are zoned commercial and light industrial.

The Red Deer Regional Airport is centrally located, a one and a half hour drive from Edmonton or Calgary, and 10 minutes from Red Deer. With well-maintained runways and a large available land base, the Red Deer Regional Airport is an ideal spot for business development of all types. The main runway was extended in 2017 to bring it up to "737" standards.

Built during World War II to train Allied forces. The airport was a former Canadian Air Force pilot training base for NATO pilots until 1965. The military built the training airfield at this site because of the predominantly good flying weather and the uncongested airspace. Both factors are still valid today. The Red Deer area boasts good flying weather over 95% of the year.

The ownership of the airport was taken over on September 1, 1999, by the Red Deer Regional Airport Authority, which includes the City of Red Deer and Red Deer County as stakeholders.

On-Site Servicing

Belich Business Park

The Belich Business Park is located west of the QE II (Highway #2) and south of Highway 11. The Park is zoned business agriculture with lots averaging 3.01 acres in size. All lots require on-site servicing.

Blindman Industrial Park

The Blindman Industrial Park is a light and medium industrial use area north of The City of Red Deer. Highway 2A is used as the major regional highway access for the Park. Although the size of existing lost varies, most lots in the Blindman Park are approximately 2.0 acres.

Burnt Lake Business Park

The Burnt Lake Business Park is located between Highway 11 and 11A, west of the QE II (Highway #2). Zoned business agriculture, lots range in size from 3 to 15 acres and require on-site servicing.

Kuusomo Industrial Park

The Kuusomo Industrial Park is located west of the Town of Sylvan Lake off Highway 11. Lots in this light industrial park range from 3 to 5 acres and require on-site servicing.

Big Bend Airport

Located 4 miles northwest of Innisfail on Highway 54 the Big Bend Airport is zoned public airport and requires on-site servicing. Land is available for leasing.

Hollman Subdivision

This business agriculture site is located between QE II (Highway #2) and 2A on Highway 42. Lots in this subdivision require on-site servicing.